The Club

Welcome to the 1-In-100 Gun Club. Below are our amenities, rules, some how-to’s and FAQ’s.


The Clubhouse (Office)

The Clubhouse is the forefront of the Gun Club. For membership info, payments, event information, or any other questions, Megan and Jace will be able to assist. The Clubhouse also has two comfortable couches, a 50″ TV and a coffee maker.  There is also a bulletin board with items that other members are selling, along with upcoming sporting clay event flyers.

The Pavilion

This 80′ x 40′ covered pavilion is big enough to host most events. The Pavilion is outfitted with men and women restrooms, seating for up to 120 people around 15 tables, an 1100lb ice machine, (5) 24″ oscillating fans, and for events, (4) 50″ Smart-TV’s along with a PA System.

Pistol Range

The Pistol Range features a 12′ x 32′ covered shooting area with spray-foam insulation to help beat the heat, accommodating up to nine shooters at one time. With movable target stands from 3-yards up to 25-yards, and a two permanent metal dueling trees, along with a hostage silhouette, at 25-yards.

Rifle Range

The Rifle Range features fourteen covered benches, with spray-foam insulation on the roof, ranging from 25-yards up to 300-yards. There are steel targets at 200-yards and 300-yards.

(2) 25-yard benches

(2) 50-yard benches

(6) 100-yard benches

(2) 200-yard benches

(2) 300-yard benches

Rimfire Range

The Rimfire Range features fifteen covered shooting benches, also with spray-foam insulation on the roof, on a 17′ x 80′ slab, with permanent target stands at 50-yards. This is where all rimfire matches are held.

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays consist of multiple shooting stations with different presentations of targets. Each station is different from one another. A shooter travels from one station to the next, anywhere from six to thirteen stations, depending on the number of targets for that course. We have a six station Prelim course, a six station Super Sporting course, and a twelve station Main course, for a total of 24 Sporting Clay stations.


5-Stand is made up of five cages on one field, with six or more traps on the field. Each trap will throw a different type of target presentation varying by speed, distance and type of target. Each cage has a different menu of targets that you attempt to shoot at, traveling through all five cages. We have two 5-Stands.



In Trap shooting, targets are launched from a single trap house, that are shot at  distances ranging from 16-yards to 27-yards. The trap machine oscillates changing the target presentation each time a target is thrown. A round of trap consist of twenty-five targets, shooting from five different shooting positions. This trap field is an ATA regulated field.


In Skeet, targets are thrown from a High House and a Low House, with eight total shooting positions, shooting a total of twenty-five targets. The shooter travels from each position to the next, attempting different angles on the same two targets.

Club rules
How To

LongRange counter

How to set up the Long Range counter for solo shooter


How to shoot a round of Skeet

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The One in One Hundred Gun Club is for members and their guests only. The only exclusions are our NSCA events and our fundraising events we host throughout the year.

Our memberships are household memberships. Anybody that’s immediate family within your household is considered a member.

Guests inside of your immediate household are considered members. You can have up to 3 non-related/non-household guests per month.

As long as you are a member and your dues are up-to-date, you can use the rifle and pistol ranges from opening until close with no additional charge.

Our rifle ranges are: 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 yards. We have steel targets at 200 and 300 yards.