Board of Directors

Steve Wilson

I have been a member of the 1 In 100 Gun Club since about 2010. I became a member when a client of mine asked me to shoot on his team in the LIT Charity Shoot. I went to the club and inquired about sporting clays because I wanted to know a little more about what to expect. I didn’t realize how addicting the smell of gun powder is!!! I began to make friends, which led me to the weekly shooting, and a group of people I consider family.

I served 3-4 terms on the board of directors, and then was elected President, going on for 3 years now. We have an awesome facility that we can all be proud of, and a sport we can enjoy with a diverse group of individuals that all have a common interest. A sport that requires discipline and practice, and is something we can enjoy our entire life. I felt it was important to be involved. I personally enjoy shooting waterfowl and game birds, and have traveled to several different countries in pursuit. I enjoy sport fishing offshore and wade fishing for trout, along with redfish.

At 68, I am still working to support my hobbies. I have worked the last 20+ years selling commercial LED lighting and controls. I represent about 50+ lighting factories, and support architects, engineers, and electrical contractors with products and designs.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your president, and if I haven’t met you, I hope I get the chance soon! Thank you, and be safe!!

Tommy Jackson

I started shooting NSCA events in our area in 2014 and immediately became addicted to the sport. I was having such a great time shooting Sporting Clays, and wanted to do more to promote our sport. In 2016, I decided to run for the Texas Sporting Clays Association Board, and served as a director for two years. It was during this time that the fit on TSCA, while gratifying, was not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to do something more, something a little more hands-on.

I had met several shooters, that are now friends, at different events who encouraged me to join the 1 In 100 Gun Club. I joined in 2017, and in 2018 was elected to the Board of Directors, and now currently serve as the Vice-President. I also am a NSCA Level 1 Shooting Instructor and Certified Referee. I thoroughly enjoy spending time at our club shooting clays and working in various capacities around the property. I am proud to be a part of this club and look forward to our continued progress in the future.

To support my habit, I have been working in the natural gas industry for 25 years, and for the past 15 years, as a Measurement Technician for Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Pipeline.

John Johnson

I have been a member of the 1 In 100 Gun Club since the late 1990s. I joined the club after being conscripted to join my coworkers on a team for the Shoot for the Heart charity event. I was so bad and had so much fun that I had to buy a gun and become a member.  Over 20 years later (and lots of new guns and spent ammo), I am a life member of the NSCA with over 100,000 registered targets, having competed in events all over the country and having been a member of 6 NSCA Subguage All-American teams.

This is my second stint on the Club’s Board of Directors.  Many of you may remember me as one of the cooks for the Club’s NSCA tournaments, serving the club and its members in that capacity for over 15 years.  The greatest benefits that I received from my membership are the people that I met and the great friendships that I have made over the years.  This club is a part of the community in many ways.  We host and assist with many community events each year.  I have seen this club survive through hurricanes and floods due to the hard work of members and staff to become one of the best member-run non-profit gun clubs in this country. I am proud to be a part of our club. 

I am a native of southeast Louisiana.  I moved to Texas in 1981 (as fast as I could) after graduating from LSU with an accounting degree (Geaux Tigahs!).  After being accepted in Texas, I was allowed to attend the University of Texas (Hook Em Horns!).  I moved to Beaumont in 1988 and have been here ever since.  Somewhere along the way, I got another degree from another football powerhouse, the University of Alabama (I am not allowed to say that one).  When not standing around talking at the gun club, I can usually be found in my office in Beaumont where I practice commercial law in my firm, Creighton, Fox, Johnson & Mills.

Alvin Newton

I was originally a member of the 1 In 100 Gun Club between 1977, through 1982. I rejoined in 1988, and have been a full member since then. I joined the gun club Board of Directors in 1997, and served as the treasurer for my first couple of terms. I also served two terms as President, before serving as the Treasurer again, and have been the treasurer now for over 20 years.

I joined the Board of Directors to help build a better and self-supporting gun club. We started with basically no resources, and now, in my opinion, have built the finest small members-only gun club in America!

I founded, owned, and operated Newton Cabinet Works, Inc., since 1973.

Thank you.

Chad Blanchard
Mike Griffin

I have been a member of the 1 In 100 Gun Club for 20+ years. I am 66 years old, and have been working in the oilfield construction business for Tanner Services as a General Manager for 14 years. I have been on the gun club Board of Directors for 3 years now, and I am over the Rifle, Pistol & Rimfire Committee.

Bert Lane
board member

I have been a natural shot all of my life. I grew up hunting doves, so skeet, and then sporting clays, were a perfect progression for me, which also gave me the chance to pass my knowledge, wisdom and humility on to others.
I am a lifetime member of NSCA and NRA. I have shot over 100,00 targets, I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent on targets, tournaments, etc. I progressed to Master Class (highest ranking available), have made numerous All-American Teams, also Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi Champions (haven’t won any lately). By traveling to these tournaments, and other gun clubs around the country I have met some great people and have made many good, long lasting friends (even some from 1 In 100 ). I was coming to shoot in tournaments at 1 In 100 while I was still living/working in Baton Rouge (this resulted in, when I retired, being prompted to move here after folks being exposed to my shooting and social skills. Social skills means always having beer in the truck, who says you can’t buy friends. After moving to Texas, my friends in Louisiana said I upgraded 2 states at the same time. I retired from ExxonMobil after near 40 years (helping them become one of the largest premier companies in the world).

As one of your Board Members, I am always available to listen to any gun club concerns you may have and will readily refer you to the proper Gun Club Officer to help you. Now for some serious comments: I’m proud to be part of the 1 In 100 Gun Club. To see how it has improved, grown and prospered. As I have traveled to other shoots, I have other shooters tell me now much they enjoy coming to our Gun Club for our hospitality, food and targets.. Everyone should feel proud of the shooters we draw into our tournaments from around Texas and Louisiana. Another point of pride for our Gun Club is the number of charity events we help host that contribute back to our community.

Kyle Knupple
board member

I was the co-founder and co-owner of a successful ambulance company here in Southeast Texas when I caught the “flying bug” and my life was forever changed.

In 2004, I had the opportunity to start flying through business activities associated with the ambulance company as we became the largest privately owned Emergency Service Ambulance operator in the great State of Texas. I combined this newfound love of aviation along with my customer service background and founded KUSA Aviation, a full-service company serving the general aviation community at Jack Brooks Regional Airport.

KUSA Aviation strives to provide the best customer service experience to anyone that walks through our doors or taxis to our ramp, treating each customer with the utmost respect. Whether you are a student pilot or multinational corporation basing one of your aircraft with us, you will receive the same outstanding, unbeatable service. The basic underlying principles that guide our firm and all our successes as individuals, where it may be found, is not rocket science. “Service is cheap,” it is the smallest details that matter—a firm handshake, being willing to assist—we are more than happy to be of service.  

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors here at our great gun club. I joined the club in 2010, after like many, having participated in a charity event. As a result, I connected with those I already knew while meeting countless additional people from the immediate and surrounding area, forging new relationships.  I joined the board as Secretary in 2019 and now serve as Director at Large. I am elated to work with the Board as we all share common goals being members. We strive to provide exceptional 5-star service to our membership, our guests and to continually operate and grow, bettering our facilities through a structured and organized business approach.

Ronnie Anderson
Board member

My name is Ronnie Anderson, owner of Anderson Construction Company established in 1946. We are custom home builders and real-estate developers, primarily in the Beaumont area.

I have always had an interest in the gun club since I was a sub-junior shooting skeet starting in the 50’s. I now enjoy shooting sporting clays when I can get away from work.

I am proud to have served on the gun club Board of Directors for the past 15+ years, and have watched it turn into the nicest gun club in Texas.